What is Yoga?

The word 'yoga' means to yolk or to unite. Perhaps at its simplest, Yoga is uniting of our body with our breath. Or we could say the the uniting of our earthly and sacred selves.

What are the benefits?

Yoga calms the nervous system, sharpens the mind, and fortifies the body.

Where can I practice?

Yoga in the Park: COMING SOON!

Yoga at the Y: COMING SOON!

Private Yoga Instruction: COMING SOON!

More about Yoga

The Kripalu Center notes these 4 key components, taken from 3 ancient Yogic texts:
1. Skillfulness in action -acting dynamically in ways that produce positive life results. (Bhagavad Gita)
2. Equanimity and equilibrium - sustaining evenness of mind while confronting inner limitations and outer challenges. (Bhagavad Gita)
3. Cessations of the fluctuations of the mind - seeing life and reality as it is, without the filters of fears, fantasies, or other distortions. (Yoga Sutra)
4. Freedom - the bliss experienced when one steps into one’s natural rhythm of being. (Yoga Bhashya)

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