What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

MLD is a very gentle, but highly effective form of body work that aims to boost the function of your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing excess fluid from the tissues and responding to foreign cells in the body, among other things.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been show to:
1) Increase the absorption of fluid from the tissues
2) Speed the movement of that fluid back into circulation
3) Sooth the nervous system
4) Decrease pain
5) Prevent and/or reduce swelling in areas with damage to the lymphatic system

How can it help YOU?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage calms your nervous system, decreases pain, and reduces swelling. 

MLD has been shown to be effective in treating Primary and Secondary Lymphedema, and in preventing Secondary Lymphedema following the removal or radiation of the lymph nodes, or other damage to the lymphatic system. 


MLD also supports recovery and/or alleviates symptoms in:
-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
-Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
-Dermatological Conditions
-Post-Operative Swelling
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Sprains and Strains

With it’s ability to stimulate a parasympathetic nervous system response (calm, sooth, relax), MLD may also be helpful in supporting the following:
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Parkinson’s Disease
-Traumatic Brain Injuries

What can you expect?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage will always begin with treatment of your neck - where your lymphatic system ends. This will be followed with either deep abdominal breathing, or abdominal treatment depending on your comfort level.

Further treatment will depend upon your specific situation and needs. For general health and well- being, and immune system support, a full-body treatment is often indicated. For specific illnesses, edemas, and lymphedemas, Sarahlynn will implement a specific treatment plan to best target your individual goals.

What is the difference between Massage Therapy and MLD?

Most massage techniques target soft tissue dysfunction – muscles, tendons, ligaments. There are many modalities, ranging in purpose and pressure. Most aim to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, decrease pain, and/or improve flexibility and mobility. Many range from medium to deep pressure.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage targets the fluid and lymphatic structures just below the surface of the skin. It aims to increase absorption and transportation of fluid. All MLD techniques are gentle, rhythmic, and very specific.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage at Work

Massage and MLD do share some benefits, and depending on your particular circumstances, your treatment may be combined with gentle Massage Therapy techniques such as Swedish Massage or Reflexology.