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Monday 9:30-4:30
Tuesday 9:30-6
Wednesday 9:30-4:30
Thursday 9:30-6
Friday 9:30-4:30
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Craniosacral Therapy (“CTS”) is a very gentle approach to bodywork, working with the nervous system and connective tissues to facilitate profound relaxation and access deep healing. CST is wonderful for nervous system disorders, anxiety and depression, trauma, muscle tension, TMJ, headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and more.
60 minutes ~ CC $78 / Cash $75
90 minutes ~ CC $120 / Cash $115

Lymphatic Therapy

Another gentle approach, MLD works with lymphatic system to support overall health and boost the bodies natural defense systems. MLD is great for all of us, but particularly helpful for pre- and post-surgery, swelling, chronic illness, cancer support and recovery, autoimmune conditions and inflammation, and more.
60 minutes ~ CC $78 / Cash $75
90 minutes ~ CC $120 / Cash $115

Total Body Zen®

TBZ combines craniosacral therapy, traditional massage therapy, guided meditation, and aromatherapy (and lymphatic therapy as appropriate). This gentle but powerful approach calms the nervous system, helping you access profound relaxation, and facilitating deep healing. Pair with lavender aromatherapy to further relax mind & body, or stay for a nap after your treatment.*
60 minutes ~ CC $78 / Cash $75
90 minutes ~ CC $120 / Cash $115

Thai BodyWork

Enjoyed on a mat on the floor, and fully clothed, Thai massage combines elements of massage, shiatsu, and assisted stretching, to help you feel long, loose, and relaxed. Pair with lemongrass aromatherapy for an enriching sensory experience.*
60 minutes ~ CC $78 / Cash $75
90 minutes ~ CC $120 / Cash $115

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda description...
60 minutes ~ CC $88.50 / Cash $85

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy description...
60 minutes ~ CC $88.50 / Cash $85

Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage Therapy description...
Pricing Coming Soon

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