Who am I?

-I started Restore to share my love of yoga and massage with you, our community, and the world! 

-I am passionate about mindful movement, and I believe in the power of wellness-oriented medicine.

-I want to inspire and empower folks to take care of their own bodies as well as their minds.

How did I get here?

-I started practicing Yoga about 12 years ago, but did not develop a 'regular practice' until much later. A few phenomenal teachers knocked me off my feet in 2012, and that's when I realized that Yoga held much, much more for me...

-I also became a Massage Therapist in 2012, and I believe the two pair incredibly well!

How can I help you reach your wellness goals?

Join me for a Yoga work shop, schedule a massage, or learn about lymphatic health.

And here's a short home practice to help with neck and shoulder pain, combatting poor posture!